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3rd album: BLUES FOR THE WHITE NIGGER is a substantial breakthrough for MK-O.

While keeping their unique characteristics, they “dare” an album broadening their pursues. This is an updated concept album made of timeless ingredients such as blues, (white) funk but always with MK-O originality. BLUES FOR THE WHITE NIGGER is more outgoing than their previous albums with electronic funk dynamites: “Blackface”, shades of blue: “White Nigger Blue” and powerful singles: “Star With No Name”. Their imaginative harmony and [their resourcefulness in] inventive melodic production are present here as in their previous albums. Aspects that awarded them public & critics recognition [“Ovation” was voted in the top 20 greek albums of the past decade]. The lyrics here -even though written a couple of years ago- have a prophetic twist. A few years back they may have seemed exaggerated but they prove to be -unfortunately- very true today.

Released April 6th, 2011 by Puzzlemusik.
Recorded and mastered at Artracks Recording Studios by George Priniotakis

1. Desdaimona by Night 3:24
2. Blackface 5:33
3. One Touch [15′] 5:31
4. White Nigger Blue I 3:34
5. White Nigger Blue II 3:02
6. Artifacts 1:54
7. Drowning in Debts 5:28
8. Lockstep 3:38
9. Transfiguration 4:40
10. Star With No Name 5:04
11. The Angel’s Machine 3:14
12. Disco Utopia 6:44

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MK-O: Blues For the White Nigger


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