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Artist: MK-O
[full album]

Release Date: DECEMBER 2006
Record Label: HITCH HYKE

Music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Marina Kanavaki & Oannes [MK-O]
Lyrics: MK-O
All rights owned by Marina Kanavaki & Oannes [MK-O] ©

OVATION is MK-O debut album.
All tracks [except HYPERFUNK] were recorded at Artracks Recording Studios by George Priniotakis
BREED – HYPERFUNK & SURF FASER were recorded at Echostasio by Apostolis Papadomichelakis
Mastered at Artracks Recording Studios by George Priniotakis


Μουσική, στίχοι, ενορχήστρωση, εκτέλεση, παραγωγή: Μαρίνα Καναβάκη & Oannes [Σωκράτης Παπαχατζής]

Το OVATION είναι το πρώτο άλμπουμ των MK-O.
Ηχογράφηση: Γιώργος Πρινιωτάκης – Artracks Recording Studios
εκτός από τα: Breed, Hyperfunk & Surf Fazer: Αποστόλης Παπαδομιχελάκης – Echostasio
Mastering: Γιώργος Πρινιωτάκης – Artracks Recording Studios



01. Breed: 0:00
02. Hyperfunk: 4:17
03. Quack: 9:49
04. The Dogsitters: 16:09
05. November: 20:29
06. Surf Faser: 25:29
07. Marfast: 28:54
08. Fragments and Dust: 32:26
09. Marmonix: 37:13
10. Frozen: 42:27
11. Heavenly Playground: 46:41
12. Eon: 51:30
13. Ghostrace: 58:50


By mk-o

MK-O is Marina Kanavaki & Oannes The acquaintance of the two musicians in 2000, led to a fruitful collaboration. The first outcome of this was the rearranged version of Marina’s first album “Pote & Tipota” , in 2004 . Today, as a duet [MK-O], are working on a series of albums, first of which was OVATION, their debut album, released in December 2006 by Hitch-Hyke. The multitude of musical influences and the broad working field creates an adventurous listening, hard to categorize. Extended instrumental arrangements coexist with lyrical songs. Rock, classical, techno, psychedelia, industrial, acoustic, electric and electronic instruments as well as a palette of samples varying from from Cesar Franck to Son House, Pink Floyd and Ministry, give a brief idea of the sound of this album. Ovation has been welcomed enthusiastically by the greek press & audience. Their second 2CD album UNREEL was released October 13th 2008 by Hitch Hyke. BLUES FOR THE WHITE NIGGER is their third album, released April 2011 by Puzzlemusik. 4th album, ΑΙΘΕΡΑΣ [Ether] was released March 2015.

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