MK & O 89-98

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A short trip down memory lane…


Socratis [aka Oannes],

on keyboards/voice, with his band ‘Blue Light’

performing live at Rodon Live,

in 1989.

socratis@rodon      socratis@rodon2

Full ‘Blue Light’ album:


introducing songs from her first album “Pote & Tipota

[“Never and Nothing” – to be recorded a year later for Virgin/EMI],

at Gennadius Library,

in honor of the poet, Elias Petropoulos,

in 1998.

marina@gennadius3       marina@gennadius5

[friendly warning to anyone suffering with motion sickness: please watch with caution!]

Full ‘Pote & Tipota‘ [Never & Nothing] album


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Ovation full album uploaded at our You Tube channel: mkomusic

Check it out!

Artist: MK-O
[full album]

Release Date: DECEMBER 2006
Record Label: HITCH HYKE

Music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Marina Kanavaki & Oannes [MK-O]
Lyrics: MK-O
All rights owned by Marina Kanavaki & Oannes [MK-O] ©

OVATION is MK-O debut album.
All tracks [except HYPERFUNK] were recorded at Artracks Recording Studios by George Priniotakis
BREED – HYPERFUNK & SURF FASER were recorded at Echostasio by Apostolis Papadomichelakis
Mastered at Artracks Recording Studios by George Priniotakis


Μουσική, στίχοι, ενορχήστρωση, εκτέλεση, παραγωγή: Μαρίνα Καναβάκη & Oannes [Σωκράτης Παπαχατζής]

Το OVATION είναι το πρώτο άλμπουμ των MK-O.
Ηχογράφηση: Γιώργος Πρινιωτάκης – Artracks Recording Studios
εκτός από τα: Breed, Hyperfunk & Surf Fazer: Αποστόλης Παπαδομιχελάκης – Echostasio
Mastering: Γιώργος Πρινιωτάκης – Artracks Recording Studios



01. Breed: 0:00
02. Hyperfunk: 4:17
03. Quack: 9:49
04. The Dogsitters: 16:09
05. November: 20:29
06. Surf Faser: 25:29
07. Marfast: 28:54
08. Fragments and Dust: 32:26
09. Marmonix: 37:13
10. Frozen: 42:27
11. Heavenly Playground: 46:41
12. Eon: 51:30
13. Ghostrace: 58:50


Blue Light

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Blue Light full album uploaded at our You Tube channel: mkomusic

Check it out!

Blue Light – Blue Light [1988] Full Album
Artist: BLUE LIGHT Album Title: Blue Light
Music & Lyrics: Socratis Papahatzis [Oannes]
Keyboards, vocals: Socratis Papahatzis [Oannes]
Guitar: Dimitris Karystinos
Bass: Aris Avgerinos
Drums: Vagelis Vekios
Recorded at studio Sierra
Sound Engineer: Kostas Kalimeris
Remixed by Kostas Kalimeris & Blue Light
Produced by Blue Light
Released: 1988
Label: Di Di Music

Ether available for download

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We are happy to announce that after our physical album release, February 28,

Ether is now available for download!


For any of our friends interested in purchasing tracks or full album,

here are the links:

[and a big thank you in advance! 🙂 ]


Google Play

For a physical copy [Stumptown Slim package as shown in the photo below],

please contact us directly at and we will send it to you.

MK-O ETHERAS outer cover   Print

[6€ / $6,5 + Postage fees]


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