BftWN reviewed by Ken Ford-Powell

My good friend, Ken
surprised me with a review of our 3rd album ‘Blues for the White Nigger’


As he says:

“After I bought this Blues for The White Nigger album and discovered I liked it, I promised Marina I would review it – openly and honestly.”

Ken is a very talented writer and Educational consultant who has recently moved back to the UK after many years of living [with his beautiful family] and working in Bangladesh.

To read his review, please click on the link below.

Review: Blues for the White Nigger by MK-O.


A big ‘THANK YOU’, my friend
from both Oannes and me

2 thoughts on “BftWN reviewed by Ken Ford-Powell”

  1. How wonderful to discover your other life as a musician Marina. How did I miss that? I’m off to iTunes to download this great CD and will play it in my studio. Warmest wishes…Andrew

    1. And how wonderful to see you here, Andrew! Thank you so very much for your kind words and I hope you enjoy our music!
      All the best wishes from me too! m 🙂

happy to hear your thoughs

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